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Some Tricks to Leverage LinkedIn for Growing Your Business

by Elaina

LinkedIn is an underrated social platform, especially when it comes to growing a business. In many cases, LinkedIn is seen by many as a vanity-driven social network which doesn’t really amount to much in terms of actually growing a business.

The way most businesses use LinkedIn, it is not surprising to see such a narrative develop. Most companies treat LinkedIn like a vanity machine.

While LinkedIn is a platform that is ideal for ORM and networking, it also has many other uses. A business can grow itself with LinkedIn, something not many businesses tend to use LinkedIn for.

Think of a digital marketing institute and check if the amount of time a trainer gives to LinkedIn marketing. Probably low. The level of focus given to other social platforms is very high when compared to LinkedIn. Again, the shoehorning of LinkedIn as being a corporate-style network is a key reason digital marketers never realize its true potential.

According to Gaurav Heera, The unique part about people who use LinkedIn is that they are image-conscious. They will align themselves with brands and campaigns which are aligned with their own values.

In this article, we will cover three important tips that can help a business grow with LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn as a Company Blog

Many small companies have blogs. The purpose of having a blog from a digital marketing perspective is writing content that invites more search traffic.

However, one is also likely to find the odd blog post discussing the vision of the company on the company’s blog. While publishing such content on a website is not without reason, a platform like LinkedIn is a much better place to publish such content.

LinkedIn can serve as a great publishing platform. For one, it throws away all the SEO-related doubts out of the window. Companies only have to focus on writing quality content which is admired by the general LinkedIn user.

Generate Leads and Make Sales

A large majority of people on LinkedIn are working professionals. For marketers, this means that LinkedIn is filled with people who have spending power.

Probably no other social media network has an audience that makes money at the end of every month in the form of a salary. Since the audience has money, the first problem of marketers is solved. All that is left is creating a marketing narrative that makes people on LinkedIn take an interest in the brand.

For goals like lead generation and sales, LinkedIn can be uniquely effective.

Hiring Talented Professionals

Another great benefit of LinkedIn is that companies can scout the professionals they want to hire. Anyone running a company would know the importance of having talented people working towards a common goal.

LinkedIn is a platform for employees to put their best foot forward and show future employers why they should be considered a top talent in the industry.

At the same time, companies should also be using LinkedIn as a scouting network to find their next top talent.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, we covered some tricks which can be used to grow a business with LinkedIn.

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