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How to Find the Best M.Sc Artificial Intelligence Colleges in India?

by Elaina

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the biggest industries in the world of Computer Science and Information Technology. It is one of the most significant contributors to the technological advancements of current times. You wouldn’t even realize how much AI surrounds you and how it eases your life on a day-to-day basis.

The field of Artificial Intelligence is, however, not yet completely explored. There is still a lot to discover. Every single day there are new inventions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) which is quite an integral part of AI. Both these domains work hand-in-hand.

Since this field is growing and expanding at such an exponential rate, there has been a huge demand for innovative and expert professionals all over the world. But again, the demand is for professionals who are exclusively experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This is why master’s courses in the specialization of Artificial Intelligence are becoming excessively popular.

M.Sc Artificial Colleges in India 

M.Tech and M.Sc are among the most popular courses for the specialization of Artificial Intelligence. There are numerous M.Sc Artificial Intelligence colleges in India that help individuals get expertise in the subject of AI and ML. Many top higher education institutes like IITs and NITs among others offer the Master of Science (M.Sc) in Artificial Intelligence course.

Following are some of the colleges offering the M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence in the regular offline mode.

  • KL University, Hyderabad
  • Parul University
  • INSOFE Hyderabad
  • CV Raman Global University
  • Kerala University
  • Central University of Karnataka
  • Auro University
  • NKC Mumbai

However, M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence is a 2-year postgraduate course. So, for two years, you will have to completely devote your time to studying. This could be an option for fresh graduates but if you are a working professional, you will have to leave your job to pursue the course. But you need not worry about this. You can simultaneously continue both, your job as well as your studies with the help of distance learning in India.

Distance M.Sc Artificial Colleges in India 

Distance education has proved to be very advantageous to the working professionals who were not able to pursue higher studies due to their jobs. Distance education allows them to pursue higher education while still continuing their jobs. There are even many big tech companies that help their employees pursue higher education to enhance their skills and knowledge.

For instance, IBM offers a Master of Science program in Artificial Intelligence to their employees as well as to anybody else who wishes to pursue the course. The advantage is that you gain domain-specific knowledge and skills without losing your job and since you have upgraded your skills, you get promotions and a hike in your salary package.

However, this benefit is not restricted to just the working professionals. Fresh graduates can also opt for distance learning. In fact, distance learning for freshers has proved more advantageous as they were able to get more exposure because of the flexibility of this mode of education. The flexibility of distance education allows you to complete your degree at your own pace and simultaneously pursue other activities as well.

For Instance, you can pursue your M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence degree in online or distance mode, and at the same time, you can take up an internship or a job and start building your work experience. You can also simultaneously pursue other relevant certificate or diploma courses to maximize your skill set. In any case, you are getting an edge over others by gaining both the degree and the extra experience all of it at the same time. So, only if you judiciously take advantage of the flexibility of distance education, you will surely be successful in your career journey.

This is why Distance M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence in India is extremely popular as recruiters are looking for employees that have hands-on experience working in the IT industry and within the AI and ML domain. As per the latest stats, the digital skills of AI and ML contribute at least 25% when it comes to overall hiring within the IT sector. Other advantages of distance M.Sc is that the fee is comparatively a lot less and you do not even have to relocate.

How To Find The Best Distance M.Sc Artificial Intelligence Colleges in India?    

Now that you know the advantages and the importance of a distance M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence in the current times, it is also important for you to know that you must pursue your online or distance degree in M.Sc Artificial Intelligence for a recognized and government-authorized higher education otherwise your degree will be invalid for jobs across all sectors.

So, the first important thing is that the university from where you pursue your online or distance M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence must be recognized by UGC-DEB which is a government regulatory body for distance education in India. To find the best university, there will be several other factors of consideration as well.

You must check the ranking and reviews of the university, the fee structure, eligibility criteria, the faculty, the distance learning facilities and infrastructure, placement assistance facilities, and a few other facts about the university. It is a really exhausting task to do that all by yourself as all of this information is completely scattered on the internet. But you need not worry as there are online platforms and portals that have precise and organized information.

Distance Pathshala is one such online platform. The good part about this platform is that it is not just an information platform but a complete education portal for distance learning in India.

Here, you get 

  • Information on all distance and online courses in India,
  • All the online/distance universities that are government-approved are listed on this portal,
  • You can compare several universities with the help of the portal’s AI-based tech, in just a few simple clicks,
  • You can get free counseling from academicians and experts from the education industry
  • You even get help with all the admission formalities and steps until the very end.

Distance Pathshala is surely your go-to place for all your online and distance education needs. So, do not waste any more time and find a university that is best suitable for you and your situation based on the customized results given by the Distance Pathshala compare portal and get started with your journey of an incredible career in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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